The registration process

, Brief description of the natural persons, legal persons or other organizations against the production, manufacture, processing, sorting and distribution of merchandise or provide services of trademark rights needs to be made, it shall be the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office (hereinafter referred to as the Trademark Office) trademark application for registration. Trademark registered by the international classification of goods and services a total of 45 categories, of which 34 classes of goods and services in 11 categories. Specifies the use of the trademark on goods for trade mark, specifying the use of trademarks on the service are service marks.
two handle to apply for registered trademarks or service marks of two ways:
(a) the registered delegates at the Trademark Office's trademark Agency (Suzhou build intellectual property agency).
(b) the applicant directly to the Trademark Office's trademark registration Hall for (national independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun applicants to the trademark Bureau Office of national independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun, Office address is: Temple, 9th, Haidian District, Beijing Municipal Administration for industry and Commerce Bureau Haidian branch administrative offices on the second floor lobby).
three, go through the steps (a) entrusts a trademark Agency, the applicant may choose any of the Trademark Office filing a trademark Agency. All trademark office registered trademark agents are posted on the "agency" field.
(ii) applicants directly to trademark Council of trademark registered Hall handle of, applicants can according to following steps handle:
trademark registered application Qian query (non-must program) → prepared applications pieces → in trademark registered Hall accepted window submitted applications pieces → in playing code window confirmed submitted application → in pay window paid trademark registered rules fee → received rules fee receipt applicants received receipt Hou, submitted trademark registered application work on has completed. The Trademark Office will release the documents by mail to the applicant, notification of acceptance of an application for registration of marks about 3 months can receive. Trademark registration trademark registration proceedings refer to the flowchart, the applicant received after receiving notice of trademark registration certificate, trademark registration Hall to receive the certificate of trademark registration.
four, before applying a query (unnecessary programs) now registered a trademark from application to approval takes approximately 1.5 years. If trademark registration was rejected, loss of trademark registration fees on the one hand, on the other hand a new trade mark application takes about 1.5 years, and another application can be approved for registration in an unknown state. Therefore, the applicants applied for a registered trademark trademark query best before, understanding of prior rights, make judgments based on the query result and then submit an application.