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Trademarks can be financed "magic weapon" Zhejiang brand introduced to support the new rules

In future, such as vegetables, fruits, local products in agriculture and tourism services, food and beverage enterprise applications when a famous mark, will receive preferential policies; and the corporate brand after an assessment, can also be used as intangible assets, or loans to banks as collateral. Yesterday, the Zhejiang Provincial trade and Industry Bureau launched eight initiatives in support of the brand, brand enthusiasm of Zhejiang's private enterprises will be lit again.
Lu Yu of the Tang dynasty in the tea had praise for yuyao tea, called "Ming". But local farmers are due to the processing enterprises decentralized, shoddy, low price competition situation is common, resulting in tea products lack competitiveness in the market. Since 2002, "Xian ming, yuyao falls" after the approval by the certification mark, the situation suddenly changed. A tea factory owner said, also difficult to sell a kilo of tea 5 Yuan before, after implementing the branding operation, Xian ming, falls into the meat and potatoes, you are selling thousands of Yuan a kilo, the market has expanded from the province to Shanghai, Shandong, Heilongjiang and Urumqi and other provinces.
it is understood that, in recent years, Zhejiang agriculture products trademark number 40% growth and development. To makes this unit boom can on brand road, this introduced of new measures in the, business sector clear said: Zhejiang Province of famous trademark finds standard will to agricultural enterprise, and services enterprise tilt, as farmers cooperation economic organization, and agricultural specialist, and farmers personal production business of vegetables, and dry fresh fruits, and small farmers native products, agricultural and the visibility high of agricultural, are will enjoy policy tilt, agricultural proved trademark priority finds province famous trademark.
development and expansion of enterprises financing in the past, is expected to be resolved through taking the road of brand. According to the eight new corporate brand as long as accreditation and assessment, it can be used as a guarantee, a loan from the Bank.
it is reported that this year, the new company law and other related regulations have relaxed the contribution limits and the non-monetary capital contribution limits, the implementation of system above the provincial level Enterprise intangible assets, trademarks and brands proportion of registered capital up to 70%. This new initiative, Zhejiang brand set up and perfect the system of enterprise based on intangible assets, support to well-known trademarks, brand enterprise, Zhejiang famous trademark brand, after a legitimate assessment, can be registered as intangible spread owned capital, as investments for investment, equity participation, as an intangible asset to provide credit guarantees.
another highlight of the eight new deal is that, in future, certification marks, and registered trademarks abroad likely will get the "Special Fund for brand development." This provincial trade and Industry Bureau official said, a move designed to encourage regional economic development has an important leading role to prove trademark, collective mark, as well as legal protection of enterprise products are exported overseas trademark registration guidance branded Al-Qaida declare collective marks geographical indications and collective trademarks, brands resources into massive economic geography resources, protection of intellectual property.
it is reported that so far, Zhejiang 3,493 of overseas trademark registration today, is one of the provinces most national trademark registration.
in addition, yesterday launched the new deal, the business sector will also support the following (a) mark enterprise of chain operation, authorized to carry on such business operations. BACK PAGE