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"The ruoqiang date" certification mark use rules

"Ruoqiang dates" proved trademark using management rules first chapter General first article: to promote "ruoqiang dates" of production, and business, improve commodity quality, maintenance "ruoqiang dates" in both at home and abroad market of reputation, protection using who and consumers of lawful rights and interests of, according to People's Republic of China trademark law, and People's Republic of China trademark law implementation article column and national business administration general collective trademark, and proved trademark registered and management approach, developed this rules.
article: "ruoqiang red date" is approved by the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office registered certification mark, used to prove "ruoqiang date" particular quality.
article: ruoqiang date Management Association is "ruoqiang date" certified trademark registrant, the trademark has the exclusive right to.
article fourth: use "ruoqiang date" certification marks shall be in accordance with the provisions of the present rules, ruoqiang jujube tube Association for approval.
chapter uses "ruoqiang date" certification product range article fifth: using "ruoqiang date" certification product production range:
article sixth: use "ruoqiang date" certification of product quality features: ruoqiang dates, dried dates and elastic, hand pinches dried dates, releases can be recovered. Sweet fruity aroma. Ruoqiang dates of quality features: thin, medium fruit, long elliptic, thick flesh, white or yellowish-white, juicy, crisp, sweet, fine pulp, fruit is small, high rate of drying, dried dates and fine, shallow, dense skin wrinkles.
article seventh: comply with the conditions of use of the products, are eligible to apply "ruoqiang date" certification mark.
article eighth: "ruoqiang date" certification units are ruoqiang dates Management Association to remove the right to use the trademark, subject to modification of the more than half a year, to meet the rules set forth in fifth, sixth, be returned to the application using "ruoqiang date" certification mark, but the number of applications of the same applicant for the same product, shall not be more than twice within a year.
chapter "ruoqiang date" certification mark use application procedure article Nineth: apply for the use of "ruoqiang date" users of the certification mark shall be submitted to ruoqiang date Management Association certification mark use application.
article tenth ruoqiang date Management Association after the receipt of the application submitted by the applicant, within 60 days of completing the following audits:
1, ruoqiang dates Management Association sent the applicant's origin site visits and testing of products.
2, testing and comprehensive review, the audit observations in writing.
11th article: meet "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark using conditions of, should handle following matters:
1, and both signed set proved trademark using license contract; 2, and applicants received proved trademark using card; 3, and applicants received proved trademark identifies; 4, and applicants pay management fee; 12th article: "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark using license contract validity for 2 years, due continues to using who, Ruoqiang within 90 days before the expiry date of the contract management association application for renewal of contract, fails to apply for, after the expiry of the contract shall not use the trademarks.
the fourth chapter "ruoqiang date" certification mark is 13th by licensing the rights and obligations of users: "ruoqiang date" certification mark is licensing the right to use:
1, in its use of the trade mark on the product or on the packaging.
2, use "ruoqiang date" certification marks for product advertising.
3, priority ruoqiang dates sponsored or assisted by technical training, trade fairs, information exchanges, and so on.
4, supervising the certification trade mark management fees.
14th: "ruoqiang date" certification mark license users obligations:
1, maintenance "ruoqiang dates" unique quality, quality and reputation, protection of product quality and stability.
2, accept ruoqiang dates Management Association on product quality at the time of detection and trademark usage monitoring, support quality testing, supervision and personnel work.
3, and "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark of using who, due hand is responsible for the proved trademark identifies of management, and using work, ensure "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark identifies not runaway, and not misappropriated, and not loss, shall not will the trademark for not meet varieties, and quality requirements of products, shall not to others transfer, and sold, and gift "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark identifies shall not license others using "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark.
4, it must be according to the relevant national standards, industry standards and technical procedures organized the production and testing of the products.
fifth chapter "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark of management 15th article: ruoqiang dates Management Association is "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark of management institutions, is responsible for "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark using management rules of developed and implementation, is responsible for on using the proved trademark of products for full of track management, do products quality of supervision detection work, and assist business administration sector survey processing infringement, and fake case.
16th: ruoqiang date Management Association, and the "ruoqiang date" certification mark for licensees who have signed a licensing contract, sent to the Administration for industry and commerce in ruoqiang County filed by and submitted to the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office filing.
article 17th: ruoqiang date management associations in order to ensure "ruoqiang date" certification mark license work more scientific, solemnity, impartiality and authority, monitoring departments and social organizations, also receive and process of using "ruoqiang date" certification mark product complaints.
the sixth chapter "ruoqiang date" certification trade mark protection article 18th: "ruoqiang date" certification marks are protected by law, such as counterfeit infringement occurs, ruoqiang date Management Association will organize to collect evidence, and necessary incentives for reporting units and individuals.
19th article: on without ruoqiang dates Management Association license, unauthorized in date products and packaging Shang using and "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark same or approximate of trademark identifies of, ruoqiang dates Management Association will in accordance with People's Republic of China trademark law and the about regulations and regulations of provides, drew attention to the business administration sector law investigation or to court prosecution; on plot serious, constitute crime of, reported to the judicial organ held infringement who of criminal.
20th: "ruoqiang date" certification marks are licensed to use standard "ruoqiang date" certification mark, certification mark shall not be allowed to change the presentation, logo, fonts, patterns or colors.
21st: "ruoqiang date" certification mark users found in violation of this rule, ruoqiang date Management Association is entitled to recover the registration permit card and picked coal, terminate users proof of trademark licensing contract; when necessary, requesting investigation and handling of administrative organ for industry and commerce, or seek a judicial solution.
seventh chapter "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark of supervision test system 22nd article: "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark of using who should proved trademark commodity of quality is responsible for, gradually established and perfect in production and sales link of products quality guarantee system, ensure products quality meet following conditions:
1, and not exists endanger personal, and property security of not reasonable of dangerous, meet guarantees human and personal property security of quality standard. Meet product standards indicated on the product or on its packaging, product description, physical samples marked with status.
2, no doping in the production or sale of the product adulterated, with impurities, shoddy, substandard products as qualified product.
3, may forge the origin, falsification or fraudulent use of someone else's site may not be forged or fraudulent use of certification marks.
23rd article: produced (business) products or its packaging Shang identifies must real, and and meet following requirements:
1, and has products quality test qualified proved; 2, and has Chinese marked of products name, and production factory name and sites; 3, and according to products of features and using requirements, marked products of specifications, and grade, and by containing main ingredients of name and content, need prior let consumers knows of, should out packaging Shang marked; 4, and deadline using of products, Should be in a prominent position to clearly indicate the production date and period of safe use of or staleness; 24th: the use of "ruoqiang date" certification marks the introduction of spot checks of goods as the main way of supervision and inspection system, random samples in the market or Enterprise finished goods in warehouse randomly, supervision and inspection work carried out by the quality and technology supervision departments at the county level.
25th: use "loulan date in ruoqiang County," producers and sellers of the certification mark shall not be refused for any reason.
26th article: in accordance with this provides for supervision checks of products quality not qualified of, by County quality technology supervision sector ordered, using "ruoqiang dates" proved trademark of producers, and sellers deadline corrected, late not corrected of submitted County Government be announcement; announcement Hou by review still not qualified of, by County quality technology supervision sector notification ruoqiang dates Management Association recovered proved trademark associate with card and has received of proved identifies.
II + seven: use "ruoqiang dates" quality packaging product certification marks shall conform to the requirements of the metrological supervision and provision of goods.
eighth chapter supplementary articles article 28th: "ruoqiang date" certification standard management fee from ruoqiang date Management Association in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, and submitted for approval before implementation.
29th: "ruoqiang date" certification fees earmarked mainly for the printing of certification marks identifying and testing product certification mark, receiving complaints, collect evidence and advocacy work such as certification marks, in order to protect "ruoqiang date" the credibility of the certification trade mark products, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of users and consumers.
article 30th: from ruoqiang date Management Association is responsible for the interpretation of these rules.
31st: the rules by the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office approved the registration of the certification mark on the date of entry into force. BACK PAGE