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Name protection trademark but in advertising

After the first instance of a trademark notice of trademark applicants, a number of puzzling letters began to play the "China trademark data center" name trademark protection for applicants to send money. Reporters found that some agency this is Beijing sleight of hand, intent to deceive is not understand the trademark registration of the party.
recently, the Zibo when on the LU Manager in a company. He applied for the trademark notice soon received a letter signed "China trademark data center" letter from Beijing, the letter said its trademark information trademark data entry Centre in a timely manner, to ensure that you receive the certificate of trademark registration. Trademark was challenged, will also help the respondent. Calls in this regard for Lu Hui 880 to specify the account manager. A look at each other "China trademark" name, Lu Manager himself not to send money in the end that can't be registered, it sinks.
Lu Manager, received a similar letter is not alone. Another applicant received titled "Chinese trademark database" letter, letter about the benefits of trademark registration, so that enterprises in the 10th meeting in 10 years at a total cost of 700 Yuan. Shandong Fang White Rabbit brand agency Manager
told reporters that the letters, using vague language, the problem is very serious, and dubbed "China trademark" words, fooled a lot of people.
reporter ask about, the so-called "China trademark data center" is an intellectual property company's Web site, its services are provided after you send money, the trademark registration information published on the site. If some people raised objections, they help to reply. "China trademark database" is also a trademark Agency Web site, the so-called "electronic register" only customers a fee, trademark information in the database and displayed on this website.
national trademark Bureau General Office Director Peng, and trademark offices of these bodies do not have any relationship to be affiliated or authorized by the Trademark Office, trademark Agency had decoupled from the Trademark Office. Now some not standard scam in the name of the Agency under the trademark, and trademark applicants do not fall for it. BACK PAGE