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His possession of 157 countries and regions in beer

China International Beer Festival site, first gate at the entrance, there is a name for "beer fine exhibition of China" exhibition, people are enticed by the dazzling array of foreign beer here. Ask the owner, there are thousands of pieces. Talking with him again, on display here are just part of his collection of beer. 26 years, his collection of beer there are 40,000 species, 20 more than tens of thousands of, products related to 157 countries and regions in the world. The person named Takamatsu, Fushun people.
thousands of people a day watching the beer Takamatsu exhibition attracts many people, almost every day, thousands of people come into this area. Ordinary citizens look after are amazing, and the sectors of the industry, as well as trademark after an exhibition Designer, is even known as the eye-opening.
stood in front of the colorful trademark, Takamatsu familiar: this is the Germany Munich beer, which is Lithuania, which is Czech, which is France ... ... Takamatsu back a beer bottle a month was 20 years, he went to work at a brewery in Fushun. Until then, he has a set of stamp collecting and cigarette tastes. But after the brewery due to environmental impact, he gradually fell in love with the beer. His first trademark is their production of a brand, Takamatsu remembers the sign called "El Hu." From then on, and he would not have received almost used to collect his monthly wages of all trademarks. Whether walking on the street or sitting in the car, Takamatsu's eyes never missed a trademark.
once his business trips to a brewery in Guangdong, in a pile of old beer bottles, he picked up a beer that is not my own, so he put it in his bag. He took the bottle back from Guangdong to Jiangxi, from Jiangxi province back to Shanghai, back from Shanghai to Beijing and back from Beijing, Liaoning, and after more than a month. See Takamatsu so crazy about trademarks, colleagues in the company also do everything possible to help him collect.
a couple of "mute English"
around 1985, the breweries often receives letters from foreign beer hobbyists, can request the manufacturer according to the address provided to the plant's trademark. Takamatsu found out there collecting beer channel. To some foreign beer company he tried to return. He said that 30%-50% of the manufacturers will probably reply, but most manufacturers have passed the letter to the hands of hobbyists, they reply. In this way, Takamatsu has made some foreign hobbyists. Takamatsu on average each month to all domestic and international breweries and friends to send more than 400 letters, communication about beer and Exchange trademark. For the purposes of communicating and gathering fans in foreign countries, Takamatsu has taught himself English, French, Germany, Portugal and Spain in nearly 10 countries, such as in simple language. He collected Germany trademarks, was practicing half-German. "However, are dumb language, because he never says. "Takamatsu said with a smile.
collect two Iraq trademarks all trademarks in Takamatsu, two Iraq beer is his favorite, is also the most difficult to get to. He said, beer is the most difficult to collect in the Islamic country. So he wrote to a Germany gathering fans, but the fans did not. But just the German friends want to go to Iraq tour, so he commissioned a friend to help collect. Later, Takamatsu put my 1000 marks, for two Iraq trademark. BACK PAGE