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Don't have to aim for the world's first

Now, there are a lot of things in China are the "world's first". To agriculture and forestry MU products for cases, China of rice, and cotton, and oil, and fruit, and meat, and eggs, and aquatic products, production has is world first; in industrial aspects, China of steel, and cement, and chemical fiber, and textiles, production world first, TV, and air conditioning, more than 100 more species industrial manufactures production world first; in based facilities aspects, China of phone user, and hydropower capacity, and tunnel number and length is world first, housing investment and completed area world first, and so on, also can said many.
more and more the world is undoubtedly China's great progress. However, China's population is the world's first, and many household goods became the world's first, which is in the proper meaning. Population is large, many "world firsts" divided by the denominator, would not be a world first. From this perspective, per capita in the world may represent the development level and more accurate indicators of quality of life. "The revolution has not succeeded yet, comrades still have to work hard" that for many "world firsts", we must have a clear attitude.
recently, there are a few "world first" is controversial in China.
first, the Ministry of construction official said, China's urban "resident homeownership rate of nearly 82%", ranks first in the world. Public opinion of this rebound is very large. People who criticize this "private housing rate" confuse "homeownership". At present, the prices rise too fast, formed to buy up social issues, there is still a considerable amount of housing groups. In that case, the "world's first" said, a bit anachronistic, is bound to cause a rebound than a positive policy to solve the problem.
Second, the recently announced State intellectual property office, China's total patent applications exceeded 3 million, the number rose to first in the world, "for the development of Chinese patent has set a new milestone." However, this did not cause the encouraging response, but raise a lot of questions. In recent years, introduced policies to encourage innovation, domestic trademark application, utility patent, design patent applications increased sharply, ranking first in the world soon. But some commentators have said, including lack of core patents, "the problem of patent" and the "junk patents" ratio is as high as 50% to 80%. Malicious applications for patents in order to combat commercial rivals, sparked internecine lawsuits, is currently a notable social phenomenon. Intellectual property office, creating a fair, enabling environment for innovation and system, is the intangible work great, so why bother to pursue specific "digital" and "quantity".
to "world first", it is best not to pursue, in the pursuit of the "world's first" behind, is often a numbers and number of totemism. In economic development, in terms of quantity and quality, the quality should get more attention. In the overcapacity of the industry even more so. Expression: not the biggest, but the best. The "best", "the greatest" may be natural, there is no "best", "the greatest" may be useless or unsustainable.
to "the world's first" want more "unbiased", in particular, to avoid the "great leap forward" ways to pursue them. From the perspective of China's modern history, people have a bad habit of rushing headlong into mass action, of profits, in droves, and not to the local magistrate rules. Currently a popular "FRY", which was a graphic illustration of this kind of mentality. Good stuff and selling it speculatively, can also be fried paste. Form of speculation is inflating the bubble, result is the ups and downs of speculation. The "world's first" is a good subject of speculation, also easy to take things.
50 's of the last century, Democrats gave a Zhang Xiruo criticism: "get rich quick, and over-ambitious". This is a bit conservative, but there is inherent and profound. Scientific concept of development, its pertinence is "digital" Outlook, aimed at changing the quick success of flippancy, society to pursue a real, sustainable and quality of economic growth and social development. BACK PAGE