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A well-known trademark in China, light of hope road

"China's well-known trademarks (trademarks, trademark registration, trademark queries, China trademark website)", is the business community as the "brand's most dazzling diamond in the Crown". Therefore, many enterprises as a famous trademark Enterprise received a gold-lettered signboard, a piece of the "international passport", corporate rights of an undertaking. For a place, with many of the well-known trademark, it reflects industry's visibility and influence in the area, confirmed from one side there is an economic power.
to create well-known trademarks path is difficult and tortuous. Because of this, how to make the famous trademark genuine and maximize brand effectiveness of well-known trademarks and so on should be thought-provoking questions. I hope this helped somewhat to some discussion on the question of the enterprise.
--Editor Tim 8 well-known trademarks witness the development of the new year new year begins, the sea bright, Scarlett was recognized as China well-known trademarks. This no doubt to achieve "race into the national top 20, building a harmonious new Zhuji" added strong goals in one lump sum. At this point, the city's well-known trademarks in China 8, among the forefront of the total, ranking first in the Shaoxing city.
opened the city's history of striving to be China well-known trademark, its trajectory is clear. 2000, "step Sen" trademark into has I city first only China famous trademark; 2004, "clean Li Ya" became China famous trademark; 2005, "Port-au-Prince Dragon" and among China famous trademark ranks; just past of 2006, is I city brand construction of harvest years, has has "green sea", and "champion", and "thousand foot" three only trademark was finds for China famous trademark; and this year February, and has "sea bright", and "Scarlett" among which, March 2, accept has province Bureau of "China famous trademark" The award.
Government effort to Yu's well-known trademarks as the most valuable brand assets, many companies dream about, all striving for. But no matter by what means striving to be China well-known trademarks, enterprises must constantly efforts proved their mark is in a "famous" status. This is a long process.
in the process of enterprise brand, the City Government has formed "enterprises create a card, the Government creates the sign" work.
first in terms of policy incentives, introduced the further help enterprises implement "brand" project of ten measures, policy, financial, tax and other support, tilt to the brand companies, China famous brand, Chinese famous trademark, national inspection-free product, provincial famous brand products, famous brand Enterprise award, respectively. Secondly, the business sector through yearly brand knowledge training invites well-known and famous trademark enterprise introducing brand experiences organized enterprises to overseas visits in sense branding and scale way, guide enterprises to create well-known trademarks. Meanwhile, focusing on building brand team, for the Municipal Government to determine size, seed Corporation contact, guide and support enterprises create famous brand at all levels.
create brand effectiveness significantly last year, City Bureau specifically prepared has "Eleven-Five" Chi (with) name trademark development planning, seeks to after five years and more long time of efforts, in I city established up more perfect of trademark registered, and using and Chi (with) name trademark foster, and development, and protection of work mechanism, formed a has strong domestic international market competitiveness and influence of Chi (with) name trademark, established up to brand led economic growth of brand economic mode.
the brand through more than 10 years of sustained, at present, the brand has been in the city plays an important role in the economic development, China China well-known trademarks, brand-name products, famous brand of Zhejiang Province total ranking of the three counties (cities, districts) first; the city's brand products annual output of nearly 40 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the city's total industrial output value.
judicial administrative authority can't agree on the determination of well-known trademarks around recognition and that the two ways of Justice. Among them, the Administration identified the body as identified by State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office and the State administration for industry and Commerce trademark review and adjudication Board, including disputes concerning trademark opposition procedures, trademarks and trademark management procedures, the recognized authority for judicial determination above intermediate court, according to the judicial proceedings. Administrative determination of the existence of many uncertain factors such as long time and many programs, and that the only mid-level court of Justice can be found, and time is short, up just 9 months, with final legal effect and are therefore, in recent years, the corporate rush to justice access to well-known trademarks.
the province is well-known trademarks in China has the largest number of provinces has been ranked first for three consecutive years, a total of 125 by the end of last year. Since last year, provincial trade and Industry Bureau to encourage enterprises obtained judicial determination of well-known trademarks. Therefore, increased number of enterprises access to judicial determination of well-known trademarks. Last year, the province added 55 pieces of well-known trademarks, including 40 judicial determination. While in the city, and administrative determination for half of judicial determination of well-known trademarks. Particularly since last year, "champion", "Millipede", "sea", "Scarlett" by judicial determination of well-known trademarks in China.
"Millipede" is the city's only through judicial determination of well-known trademarks. Last June, Hubei a rush of speculators "Millipede. com" domain name, and "Millipede" trademarks owned company--Mountain Lake Pearl group asked for 20,000 yuan transfer fee. To maintain brand image, shanxiahu Pearl group to court a lawsuit. In October, Huangshi city, Hubei Province intermediate people's Court ruling the other "violations". The Court found that the Mountain Lake Pearl group, the "Millipede" trademark has been in a State of facts of the well-known trademark, subject to trademark law 14th section of well-known trademark under real conditions, identified "Millipede" trademarks from Chinese well-known trademarks in China. Host
case lawyer, "Millipede" domain name infringement case is a typical case of trademark infringement. Companies need to know how to protect their intellectual property rights, access to justice well-known trademarks have become the choice of many enterprises create famous brand and enterprises where conditions are ripe fully meets the needs of well-known trademark infringement cases, requesting the Court to well-known trademarks.
but over the years, rumours, judicial determination of well-known trademarks as well administrative determination of well-known trademarks authority, reasons are the well-known trademarks from the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office and the trademark review and adjudication Board found that judicial determination of well-known trademarks can be identified by across hundreds of intermediate people's courts or above, in the definition of standards. In addition, administrative rights by judicial determination of well-known trademarks in the implementation process, some provincial and local industrial and commercial system does not confirm this, and after the local government is well-known trademark cheque-book award, judicial determination of well-known trademarks have not been rewarded, but only "look disappointed." Thus, enterprises after passing through recognized as China well-known trademark, then administrative determination, dual found routes to "ensure" their famous trademarks against infringement, City companies are ready to do "double insurance" of the road.
"the fact that judicial determination of well-known trademarks on the basis of legal provisions and administrative determination of well-known trademarks provisions are the same, as have the force of law. "City AIC trademark section, Wai Kwong Wong said. It is understood that the Supreme People's Court in November 2006 to establish a judicial determination of well-known trademarks filing system, to a certain degree of uniform standards of judicial determination of well-known trademarks, to better promote the judicial determination of well-known trademarks in China.
related links how to apply administrative enterprises need apply for the confirmation of well-known trademark, through the location of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the administration of industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the provincial industry and Commerce Bureau) to submit the relevant materials. Related materials on enterprise apply for the confirmation of well-known trademark, the provincial trade and Industry Bureau should at first instance, and signing. The provincial trade and Industry Bureau should be after its first instance and signing of the application materials by mail and the times of the State administration for industry and commerce.
business in apply to when well-known trademarks, well-known trademark applications shall be submitted, in the report must provide evidence of their trademark rights are being infringed. And should fill in the application form for well-known trademark, and provide the appropriate documentation. These documents include:
1. Copy of business license of the well-known trademark applicants; 2. Well-known trademark applicants authorized trademark agency agent should provide a signed power of Attorney of the applicant or applicants and trademark Agency signed a trust agreement (contract); 3. The main use of the trade mark goods or services economic indicators over the last 3 years (finance stamp and stamped the applicant should be provided to local finance and tax departments special copy of the annual financial statements or other reports, industry-proven materials by the national industry association or national administrative Department of industry); 4. The main use of the trade mark goods or services sales or operations at home and abroad and the regional (mainly related to the sales invoice or sales should be provided a copy of the contract); 5. The registration of trademarks both at home and abroad (the trademark should be in all product or service category as well as in the host country or region set out in the registration, and to provide appropriate trademark registration certificate copies); 6. The advertising of the trademark in recent years (should provide a major advertising contract with ad copy); 7. The trademark was first used, and the continuous use time (should provide the earliest use of the trade mark for goods or services sales invoices or contracts, or copies of advertisements or trademark registration certificate of the trademark was first); 8. Other documents related to the trademarks famous (such as province copies).
enterprise apply for the confirmation of well-known trademark, you can prepare the application materials, or Commission of the State administration for industry and Commerce approved trademark agents agent. Trade mark agent qualifications where the Commission does not have the institutions or individuals of well-known trademark application materials submitted, the provincial industrial and commercial Bureau was inadmissible. Accepting applications for Enterprise commissioned well-known trademarks trademark Agency on issues, in addition to appropriate agents charged fees shall not be charged any other fees to clients.

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