About Us

Fuzhou Huan Yu trademark registration office has been engaged in intellectual property services, is the first since the cancellation of administrative examination and approval of trademark agency organizations Agency approved filing one. Since 2004 established yilai, company business range of constantly steadily expanded, Fuzhou huanyu trademark registered, and Fuzhou trademark registered, and Fuzhou trademark application, and Fuzhou trademark agent, and Fuzhou registered trademark, and Fuzhou trademark registered company, and Fuzhou trademark registered agent, and Fuzhou trademark query, and Fuzhou trademark firm, from had single of trademark agent mode extended to domestic international trademark agent, and trademark monitoring, and copyright agent, and intellectual property litigation, and brand planning and related intellectual property agent service. With both at home and abroad over more than 100 countries and intellectual property law firms in the area of business, has accumulated a wealth of invaluable experience.
is our slogan: integrity molded brand, knowledge is power!